• Advanced security and sophisticated development options

  • Fully Featured, Scalable APIs

    Immediately create new blockchain accounts (where private keys never leave secure area), execute complex transactions, implement MFA

    Asymmetric Algorithms

    Support for secure high-entropy public/private key generation using popular asymmetric cryptographic key algorithms.


    Secret key material never leaves the Vault. Transactions signed within Vault.

    Secure Storage

    Encryption at rest in a highly available backend storage system.

    Transaction Signing as a Service

    Sign transactions with one or more signatures, including escrow, refunds, other paths.

    Encryption as a Service

Encrypt arbitrary data.

    Automated Key Rolling

Automated key rolling and versioning.

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    Multi-factor authentication for all transaction signing APIs. Use our built-in integration to Authy, TOTP applications such as Google Authentication, or use your own app.

    Audit Logging

Full audit logging for regulatory compliance and forensic analysis.

    Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection system using streaming architectures.